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Teacup Persian Kittens for Sale

Doll Face Teacup Persians are a smaller version of the standard Doll Face Persian. A standard Doll Face Persian can weigh 10+ pounds while a Doll Face Teacup Persian can weigh as little as 5 pounds. But when it comes to Teacup Persian Kittens, it's not so much about the weight as it is about the body structure. Standard Doll Face Persians have longer, larger bodies while Doll Face Teacup Persian Kittens have shorter, more petite bodies. >>READ MORE

We ship our kittens to many major airports in the United States via United Airlines Pet Safe Program. So if you're looking for Persian Kittens for Sale in New York or Persian Kittens for Sale in California, we've got you covered.  >>READ MORE

Himalayan Kittens for Sale
Also called color point Persians, Himalayan kittens come in teacup, toy,and standard sizes. Colors include blue point, seal point, cream point, tortie point, blue cream point and flame point. 
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Persian Kittens for Sale

By Precious Kittens Cattery

Welcome to Precious Kittens CatteryTM - Home of the Pashmina White Persian. We are located in sunny Vero Beach, Florida where it has been our passion and pleasure to be Persian Cat Breeders for over 20 years. We are proud to offer our Doll Face Persian Kittens and Himalayan Kittens in many colors, patterns, and sizes the including popular Teacup Persian Kittens. All of our kittens come with a Health Guarantee and Health Certificate. Kittens are blood and stool tested negative for feline diseases and parasites in addition to receiving age appropriate vaccinations. Documentation is provided in the form of a vet signed Health Certificate which is delivered at the time of pickup. Kittens are raised in a family environment being loved and held from birth.

Doll Face Persian Kittens for Sale

There are basically two (2) types of faces on Persian Kittens - doll face and peke face (flat face). The Doll Face Persian is the traditional Persian with a slightly longer nose and more open expression. Doll Face Persians do not have flat faces.  Here at Precious Kittens CatteryTM, we produce only Doll Face Persian Kittens in many colors and patterns including White Persian Kittens and Silver Persian Kittens. >>READ MORE
With over a hundred years of being domesticated, Persians are a very docile breed.  It's not unusual for Persians to follow you around the home much like a puppy dog.  Persians are a great addition to a family being both friendly and loving while also being much easier to care for than a puppy.  Kittens arrive being fully litter trained, eating, and drinking.  If you're looking for the perfect lap cat, then a Persian is a great choice. Typically these cats get along well with small children and other domestic animals.  It is important to keep in mind that because this breed is extremely docile, it is best to keep your Persian cat indoors at all times.
If you have made the decision to purchase a Persian kitten, then you will want a better understanding of the grooming process.  You will have many questions which we hope to be able to answer in our grooming section of this website.  Get tips on bathing, brushing, and keeping your Persian kitten's face and eyes clean. >>READ MORE
Body Language
Every wonder what your Persian kitten is trying to tell you? Get a better understanding by learning to read your kitten's body language. Did you know that a purring cat isn't always a happy cat?

2014 Holiday Kittens are Here!

White Persian Kittens for Sale

Yes we have them!  White Teacup Persian Kittens with Blue Eyes are in high demand. We also have White Persian Kittens for Sale with green eyes and odd eyes (one blue eye, one green eye). >>READ MORE

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references persian kittens for sale"Dear Precious [Kittens], I am writing to let you know Jubilee had his neuter operation yesterday. He is doing extremely well and you wouldn’t even know he had any surgery at all!...I have to say Jubilee is such an exceptional little guy! We love him to pieces!!!...From the moment he arrived here before Christmas with our daughter Hannah, he has made himself right at home. He has a fun, energetic personality and everyone is in love with him ..">>READ MORE


Is your Persian kitten receiving the safest vaccines?
Fibrosarcoma is a malignant soft tissue cancer that can form spontaneously or by chronic inflammatory response.  Not only can Fibrosarcoma be invasive and difficult to remove, it can also slowly spread to other parts of the body. An increasing cause of Fibrosarcoma are the adjuvants used in killed feline vaccines. There is an estimated 1 to 10 cases of Fibrosarcoma per 10,000 cats following the administration of a killed vaccines containing adjuvants. New technology has revealed a way to deliver vaccines without using adjuvants  albeit a very interesting source - the canarypox virus. >>LEARN MORE
How do I keep my Persian kitten's face clean?
It is not uncommon for Persian kittens to have eyes that run thus causing a staining on the fur around the eyes, but this doesn't need to be a big problem.  Get step by step instructions on how to keep your Persian kittens face and eyes clean and happy.  >>LEARN MORE
Do Persian kittens shed?
Both long and short haired cats shed.  Many feel that because a Persian cat has long hair, it shed more than a basic short haired cat.  This is not exactly true.  Also, cats shed more when stressed, and grooming will help deter the amount of shedding.  >>LEARN MORE   

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