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Pashmina White Persians

white persian kittens for sale
Pashmina White Persians have coats that feel like the purest silk combined with the finest cashmere.  As a matter of fact, Pashmina is often referred to as being softer than cashmere. In the world of white Persian kittens, it doesn't get any better than a Pashmina White. We offer eye colors in sapphire blue, gold topaz, and emerald green. The very rare duo-jeweled eyes is available as well.

Clearing Up Confusion

There is some confusing information online about why we refer to our white Persians as Pashmina White Persians and why we choose to breed for a more traditional look. Of course this online information is authored by other breeders with their own intentions in mind. We hope the following gives everyone, including these fellow Persian cat breeders, a better understanding of our intentions thus clearing up confusing and misleading information.

After many years of breeding, hard work, and well thought out choices, we were extremely pleased with the final outcome of our beautiful Persians. For us, breeding is not about creating the ultimate show cat – it is about creating the ultimate pet. While the CFA “show” standard currently requires a more extreme face and nose break, many years ago it was quite the opposite. The faces seen in show rings were more open with a longer nose. This traditional type of Persian cat face is often referred to as a “doll face”. Here at Precious Kittens Cattery TM, we prefer to breed for the more doll face look as it is not only visibly more appealing to us, it is also in our opinion, and that of many vets, a more healthier cat. In addition, by breeding for the doll face look, we are able to avoid line breeding (inbreeding) which is often used to reach the show quality standard. Please keep in mind that although we do not line breed (inbreed), all of our Persian breeders are pedigreed and registered thus all offspring are pedigreed and registered. Although we stay true to our goals of creating Persians with a more doll face look, we would never belittle the goals of other Persian cat breeders who choose to breed for show cats with flatter faces. Each Persian cat breeder has the right to create the look that follows true to their passion. Here at Precious Kittens Cattery TM, our passion are those adorable little doll face Persians. We just love them as do all of our buyers.
As mentioned above, creating beautiful Persian cats is a passion for us. Years ago, we decided to focus primarily on a specific color – white Persians. Once again, after many years of breeding and making just the right pairing choices with our breeders, we created a certain look in our white Persians that made us very proud. As the sole creator of something exceptional, we chose to trademark the name Pashmina White Persian with the United States Patent and Trademark Office under our business name Precious Kittens Cattery TM. Make no mistake - it is impossible to trademark a name with a cat registry including CFA, ACFA, and TICA. With that said, we are by no means trying to imply that our white Persians are registered as Pashmina White Persians or that we have created a new breed. All of our Persians, no matter what color, are simply registered as Persians or Himalayans. However, we boast ourselves as home of the Pashmina White Persian because we bought the right to do so through the proper channels. It is a way of telling the world that we love our Persians so much, we chose to trademark them.

Pashmina White Persians among all white Persians is an identifying mark of quality. Trade marking our name is no different than any other company trademarking distinct creations. For example, Apple has trademarked their iPhone. There are many phones in the world, but there is only one iPhone. Likewise, there are many white Persians in the world, but there is only one place where you can buy a Pashmina White Persian – and that’s here at Precious Kittens Cattery TM. We feel that our Persians are in a class of their own deserving a mark of quality.

White Persian Kittens with Blue Eyes

Precious Kittens Cattery TM is proud to offer the most beautiful blue eyed white Persian kittens found online today. Persian kittens with blue eyes are absolutely beautiful and so very loving. Many people do not know that all kittens are born with blue eyes, but white Persians with blue eyes will either keep their blue eyes or their eyes will change to either green eyes or copper eyes.

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