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Persian Cats Colors

Persian cats come in many different colors and patterns.  It is important to remember that there is a difference between a color and a pattern.  A color can be silver, white, black, blue, etc. A pattern is the actual markings on the coat such as shaded, chinchilla, tabby, and bicolor. Colors and patterns are separated into divisions as such:

Solid Color Division


Silver and Golden Division

Chinchilla Silver & Shaded Silver
Chinchilla Golden & Shaded Golden

Shaded and Smoke Division

Shell Cameo (Red Chinchilla)
Shell Cream (Cream Chinchilla)
Shell Tortoiseshell
Shell Blu-Cream

Shaded Cameo (Red Shaded)
Shaded Cream
Shaded Tortoiseshell
Shaded Blue Cream

Black Smoke
Blue Smoke
Cream Smoke
Red Smoke
Tortoiseshell Smoke
Blue Cream Smoke

Tabby Division

Red Tabby
Brown Tabby
Blue Tabby
Cream Tabby
Chocolate Tabby
Lilac Tabby
Cameo Tabby
Cream Tabby
Silver Tabby
Blue Silver Tabby
Brown Patched Tabby
Chocolate Patched Tabby
Lilac Patched Tabby
Silver Patched Tabby
Blue Silver Patched Tabby

Parti-Color Division

Blue Cream
Chocolate Tortoiseshell
Lilac Cream

Calico and Bi-Color Division

Dilute Calico
Chocolate Calico
Lilac Calico
Smoke and White
Shaded and White
Tabby and White

Himalayan Division

Chocolate Point
Seal Point
Blue Point
Flame (Red) Point
Cream Point
Tortie Point
Blue Cream Point
Chocolate Tortie Point
Lilac Cream Point
Seal Lynx Point
Blue Lynx Point
Flame Lynx Point
Cream Lynx Point
Tortie Lynx Point
Blue Cream Lynx Point
Chocolate Lynx Point
Lilac Lynx Point
Chocolate Tortie Lynx Point
Lilac Cream Lynx Point
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