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Shaving Your Persian Cat - Lion Cut

persian cat lion cutThe photo to the left is an example of a lion cut Persian.  By looking at this photo, it’s easy to see where the cut got its name.  A lion cut is a great way to minimize the amount of grooming on a Persian cat.  Sometimes grooming can get away from us, and we find ourselves with a matted cat.  A lion cut is a way to fix that problem and avoid it in the future.

Unless you have experience with shaving cats, I suggest seeing a professional groomer. The cut itself can last for months.  Before seeing a groomer, think about how you want the cut presented on your cat.  The cat in this photograph was left with boots and a large mane.  A cat can also have a shorter mane thus decreasing the chances of fur around the neck from mating.  Instead of boots, a cat can just have mitts.  It’s really up to you.

I’ve read various opinions online about how a cat reacts to a lion cut.  I can only tell you my experience.  My cats LOVE IT!  I LOVE IT! So we give it thumbs up at my home.  I personally think Persian Cats in a lion cut are adorable.  My cats do not seem depressed or hurt after receiving the cut.  In fact, my cats are more playful after being shaved.
Tip:  Use a groomer who you feel is clean.  Diseases can easily be picked up at a groomer’s shop.  Ask your groomer if you can stay while your cat is being shaved.   Make sure clippers are sanitized before being used on your cat.

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